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State Archives of Sumy region Надрукувати Надіслати електронною поштою
Historical reference

The Sumy District Archives Administration was founded in November, 1925 (the Sumy Local Archives Administration since the end of 1930). Sumy State Historical Archives with subordination to Kharkiv Regional Archives Administration was founded in March, 1932.
The Sumy Regional State Historical Archives became subordinated to Regional Archives Administration of People’s Commissariat of Internal Affairs in January, 1939. Sumy Regional Historical Archives was renamed the State Archives of Sumy Region in 1941.
The State Archives of Sumy Region was renamed Sumy Regional State Archives by the decree of the Cabinet Council of Ukrainian Soviet Socialistic Republic (USSR) № 418 in October 4, 1958. A new building of regional archives with shelving capacity of 1 200 000 files was brought into the exploitation in December 1969 that gave an opportunity to liquidate its branches during 1971-1972.
The Sumy Regional State Archives was renamed the State Archives of Sumy region in August 7, 1980.

State Archives of Sumy region
40030, Sumy, Ukraine
49, Sadova Street (building 1)
21/1, Gorky Street (building 2)
Fax: (0542) 22-07-90
Tel.: (0542) 77-08-31, 22-53-52
 E-mail: Ця адреса електронної пошти приховується від різних спамерських пошукових роботів. Щоб побачити її потрібно активувати Ява-скрипт.  

Reading Room working hours:    Monday – Friday: 9 a.m. – 16 p.m.
 Director:    Oliynyk Yurij Oleksandrovych

Funds Content

8468 funds, 1377046 items for the period of 1710-2019.
1378 items of scientific and technical documentation for the period of 1965-2004.
939 items of film documents for the period of 1974-1993.
27035 items of photographic documents for the period of 1902-2017.
696 items of sound recordings for the period of 1960-2015.
140 items of video recordings for the period of 1983-2014.

Funds structure

The chronological bounds of archives’ documents are 1710-2019. The copies of the description of a new town Kam’yane (1650), the information about Lebedin town boundaries (1659), the copies of the charters given by tzar to the boyars’ children of Oleshnyanskyy uyezd which were emitted in the last quarter of XVIII century. Therewith, the copies of universals of hetmans I. Mazepa and I. Skoropadskyy on farmsteads were also found (1702-1720).
The period till 1917 is represented by the funds of the local bodies of state administration, institutions of district and Zemstvo government, police and court bodies, industrial enterprises and landowners’ estates, tax, finance and credit institutions, educational institutions, institutions and organizations of religion, personal landowners’ funds.
The personal funds (collections) constitute a small group. These are the personal funds of local landowners Romanovs, Buharins, Hamaliy, Ivanenko, Kulagin, Kovalevskyy, Krasovskyy, of military figures (natives of Sumy) such as army commander  I. Fed’ko and P. Rybalko (copies of documents).
There is a small collection of documents belonging to the period of the Ukrainian Revolution of 1918-1921. Among them one can find such documents as the Acts of Central Rada (Soviet) and different leaflets and programmes of parties that took part in the elections to the Constituent Assembly.
The basic part of documents in archives is concentrated in funds of 1919-1990. The documents of the first soviet organizations and Sumy organizations (revolutionary committees, executive committees, Committee of Unwealthy Country folk, military committees, enterprises and organizations of that period) throw light upon the social reforms both in towns and villages, upon the Bil’shovytska Culture Revolution as well as upon people’s ambiguous opinion concerning the establishment of soviet power. Moreover, these documents lay bare the truth of the tragedy of slaughter of the prosperous country folk landowners by famine and collectivization of 1932-1933.
In the documents of Organizing Committee of Presidium of Verkhovna Rada (Supreme Soviet) of USSR and Sumy Regional Deputies Rada the process of Sumy region formation in 1939 is revealed. From numerous records and verbatim reports of sessions and meetings of Regional Rada Executive Committee (January, 1940 - June, 1941) and also from the documents of the Executive Committee branch departments and offices one can get to know about the regional economical achievements that were made before the Nazi occupation.
The information on the tragic events of the occupation period (1941-1943) is contained in: the funds of the regional and city police offices, boards, magistrates, enterprises, organizations and public properties. In these documents we can find decrees, orders, declarations, protocols of searches and interrogations, lists of prisoners of war, of partisans and of those people who were exported to Germany by force.
The substantial part of documents of the former party archives can be found in the funds of district, regional, city and town party committees, primary offices of different establishments, institutions and organizations, including Komsomol organizations of all levels. They highlight the information about the establishment of the soviet power, about the difficulties of the new reformations, about the repressive intraparty activities (1930-1950) and the rehabilitation of those having been repressed, about the underground and partisan movements in Sumy region during the occupation period, about the reconstruction processes in economy that had been destroyed by the Nazi occupants.  
In the funds of the National Security Organization of Ukraine there contains information about the former guest workers and prisoners of war. The extrajudicial criminal cases of those having been repressed in the 1920-1950s are now dropped.
The documents of the following creative and public organizations are also stored in archives: Sumy Regional Organization of Writers’ Union of Ukraine (1985-1995), Sumy Regional Journalistic Organization (1976-1995), Sumy Regional Organization of Architects’ Union of Ukraine (1970-1995), political parties.
The photographic records of Sumy (the 1st half of XX century), group and individual photos of the participants of mass country folk movements in Sumy district (1902), of the revolution of 1905-1907 are shelved in archives. There are many photographic records that belong to the period of  World War II : the photos of the leaders and participants of the underground organizations and partisan formations of Sumy, the photos of the Soviet Union heroes such as I. Kozhedub, S. Suprun, S. Kovpak, S. Rudnev, P. Rubalko, and some captured photos of German, Hungarian and Italian soldiers.

The videotapes contain: the fragments of historical events of the old cities: Hluhiv, Romny, Putyvl; newsreel documentary fragments, that comprise the whole period of forming and development of Sumy region, video fragments about holding the memory of veterans, freemen, writers, artists, regional ethnographers, materials about the students protest movements against the unification of the three Sumy universities, about the President’s elections of 2004 and events of the Orange Revolution connected with it, and also about the elections of 2006.


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